Keeping It Clean


This is a big deal to me. I didn’t go to school for makeup and know some that did and some that didn’t. School is a great opportunity to learn and weather you go to school or not there is ALWAYS more to learn. There is one rule that can’t never be broken.

RULE NUMBER ONE.    Sanitation!!!!!!!! Please always keep this in mind. When wanting to start a career as a makeup artist or hiring one don’t be a afraid to ask the question, ” How do you clean your kit ?’ I’m going to list a few things you  can contract from an unsanitary makeup kit.

1. pink eye

2. E. coli bacteria

3. herpes simplex virus

4. Staphylococcus aureus – a germ that can cause nasty skin infections

Just to name a few. I’m not the end all be all or my way is not the only way to clean a kit, But I’ll share what I do to keep it clean. Everything gets sprayed with 70% alcohol, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Never stick your fingers in any  cream makeup, Always use a tool to get it out. Brushes, have lots of them. I only use the brushes on one person at a time and clean them in between. I love  cinema secrets brush cleaner. This cleans sanitizes and drys in about 15 minutes. Also having a stainless steel pallet to mix on. I still use the back of my hand for something because makeup moves better when its warm. With that being said Lots and Lots of hand sanitizer.  Mascara wands, Lip wands, Q tips and makeup remover wipes.

I just want to touch  on one more thing, you get what you pay for. When you pay someone for services, you’re paying for there knowledge and time it takes to brake down a kit and clean it before they come and see you. Also not to carry around makeup past its expiration and yes makeup does have an expiration.

Hope this helps. Please share and leave comments to let me know if this was helpful.